3 Essential Maintenance Steps For Rosin Press Machines

If you're looking to extract resin from pines, you'll need a rosin press machine. It uses heat and pressure to speed up this extraction process. In order for this machine to work correctly, though, you need to maintain it in the following ways. 

Change Out the Filter Bag

The filter bag plays a pivotal role for rosin press machines, as it screens potential contaminants. You're then left with pure-grade oils that are of the highest quality. However, rosin filters can only work correctly if they're clean.

Every couple of months, inspect this filter for things like dirt and debris. If they cover the entire filter, you need to find a replacement. Make sure you select the same size of filter, so you can ensure a proper fit with ease. In the interest of not having to turn your filter bag inside and out for every press, it's recommended to choose filters that are sealed shut completely. Rosin filters for sale come in many sizes, so shop carefully.

Keep Upper Platen Clean

The last thing you want happening when using a rosin press machine is for the upper platen to be too dirty. When this happens, you may bring in additional contaminants from previous batches. You may then have to start over completely, wasting time, money, and energy.

To avoid this dilemma, always make sure the upper platen is thoroughly cleaned after each batch is made. Cleaning isn't that difficult, either. After turning off the press, apply some mineral spirit on the surface. Wipe it away using a soft towel. After several wipes, no residue should be present. 

Lubricate Pivot Parts Consistently 

When rosin press machines are activated, a lot of pressure and heat are administered. All of this extra activity can put a lot of stress on pivot parts. For this reason, you need to regularly lubricate these parts to ensure smooth operation.

The more lubrication you apply to parts that pivot, the less likely it is for them to dry out. Then, you don't have to worry as much about excessive friction and potential part failure. It's important to wipe away excess lubrication after the initial application. This will prevent your press from collecting debris and other particles circulating in the air.

Whatever you're using a rosin press machine for, it can only work correctly if you keep it in good condition. Be sure to maintain integral parts and use the press machine appropriately. You then won't have to worry as much about complex, expensive repairs.  

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