Three Answers To Questions About Managing Your Stormwater Runoff

When strong storms move through your area, you may find that tremendous amounts of water can be dropped by these weather events. Unfortunately, many people will fail to have the type of accurate information that they need to make beneficial decisions regarding controlling the runoff from strong storms.

Why Is It Important To Control Stormwater Runoff?

When the runoff from heavy rains is not adequately controlled, it can create a number of challenges and cause damage to your property. For example, excessive erosion is one of the more obvious issues that can arise. However, it is also possible for excess runoff to be damaging to the structures on your property as well. The excess moisture can damage the foundation of the building by eroding soil away from it or seeping into the concrete. These issues make it important for both residential and commercial property owners to evaluate the benefits of installing one of these systems.

Will Large Scale Excavations Be Necessary For Installing A Stormwater System?

While a comprehensive stormwater system can be an excellent investment to make, you might be worried about the amount of excavation involved. Considering the disruptions and landscaping issues that may be caused by major excavation work, this is a reasonable concern. The exact amount of necessary excavation can vary based on the design of the stormwater system and the condition of the property. For example, some of these systems are designed to be mostly above ground, which will limit the amount of excavation that is needed. Those wanting a more discreet stormwater control system may need to tolerate more excavation as more of these components will need to be buried.

How Do You Care For Your Stormwater Control System?

The maintenance requirements for a stormwater control system are fairly minor. There will be a series of grates that prevent large debris from entering the pipes of these systems, and these grates will need to be cleaned to keep them from getting clogged. You may want to inspect these grates every few weeks to make sure they are clear of debris. Also, these systems will need professional inspections every few years. These inspections will identify potential problems so that repairs can be promptly made. Problems that can develop include the sides of the drainage gutters cracking or otherwise shifting positions. Luckily, you should not need to be home for this work to be done, but you should secure any pets and ensure the technician is able to enter through any gates or fences.

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