3 Types of Content to Cover in Your New Cannabis Magazine

The legal market for cannabis continues to expand. As the legal market for cannabis continues to expand, so do the desire for information about cannabis. A cannabis magazine is a perfect tool to provide individuals with information about how to use and enjoy cannabis as well as the legal issues surrounding cannabis. If you are interested in starting a print or online cannabis magazine, you may want to profile different types of flowers, explain the legal side of things, and highlight different ways cannabis impacts jobs and industry in your state.

1. Profile Different Types of Flowers

When the cannabis plant is dried out and used for smoking and baking, it is referred to as a flower. There are many different strains of flowers on the market today. Cannabis flowers, or strains, have complex histories based on the different types of plants that they were bred with.

For individuals both new and old to cannabis, profiles of different types of flowers can be really helpful. Flower profiles can allow individuals to learn about a flower's history, strength, and effects.

2. Explain the Legal Side of Things

Cannabis is in a gray area, legally, where it is being approved for medical and recreational use at the state level, while still being banned at the federal level. This can be confusing for many individuals who are new to cannabis, and there are intricacies in the law that many experienced cannabis individuals are surprised to learn about.

An area of your magazine where you explain the legal side of cannabis can be really helpful. You could review how one obtains a medical card, or how the medical profession views cannabis, or what it takes to set up a dispenser in your state. There are numerous sides to legal cannabis that can be explored in more depth in a publication.

3. Highlight Different Areas of Cannabis Business

The cannabis industry is really large. It is not just bringing dispensaries to the states where cannabis has been legalized. Along with dispensaries, jobs are being created in marketing, accounting, farming, distribution, packaging, and the food industry. Numerous industries are benefiting from and becoming part of the emerging cannabis market. Information and coverage on all the ways that cannabis is having a positive impact on the job market could provide for multiple sections of your magazine.

When developing a cannabis magazine, think about all the areas within the cannabis industry that people may be interested in learning about. Start by profiling flowers, and then dive deeper into what the cannabis industry's influence actually looks like in your state and the legal issues surrounding the industry. To review a magazine that focuses on these issues to help you structure your magazine, consider reviewing an established cannabis magazine, such as Culture Magazine.

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