Your Target Is In A Coffee Shop — Here Are Some Ways To Proceed

Private investigators often find themselves following people who are suspected by their spouse of infidelity. While you might follow someone for hours or even days without ever seeing any unusual behavior, you don't want to miss an opportunity to catch the subject in the act and report this information to the concerned spouse. If your subject has stopped at a coffee shop, he or she could simply be looking for a drink, or they could be clandestinely meeting a lover. Here are some ways that you can proceed with this scenario.

Find A Perfect Parking Spot

Conducting surveillance from outside of the coffee shop can be a good idea in some situations. Sitting at a distance means that you're less likely to get noticed, and while the fact that you can't hear any conversations the subject is having can be a detriment, you may be able to take discreet photos from a far with a telephoto lens. You don't want to simply park in front of the coffee shop, as you're more apt to be visible in this location. Instead, perhaps finding a spot on the opposite side of the street, but a spot from which you can see into the shop, is suitable.

Go In And Sit Down

If you don't feel as though the target has seen you in the past, there's nothing wrong with going into the coffee shop and conducting surveillance from that location. This can be an effective way to get close to the target, and he or she will be unlikely to discern that you're a private investigator. Get a coffee and a newspaper, or sit with your drink and your smartphone, and watch the target from where you sit. If the lover arrives, you'll be in a prime position to capture some discreet photos.

Make A Quick Visit

A brief visit to the coffee shop to buy a coffee — and observe the target and the surroundings while you wait — can serve as a fact-finding mission. You might feel reluctant to stick around, but even visiting the shop for a minute or two can often reveal useful information. For example, if the subject has obviously met a colleague from work and the interaction seems innocent, you may choose to break off surveillance for the day. However, if the subject appears to be longingly waiting for someone's arrival, you'll want to perhaps set up outside to capture the scene.

Being a private investigator for companies like True Blue Detective Agency can require you to think on your feet. Use the tips above to get a head start.

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