Running An Assisted Living Facility? Get The Right Laundromat Equipment For The Building

If you've recently opened an assisted living facility where senior citizens can live independently in their own rooms while having access to extra care around the clock, you've probably taken a lot of their needs into consideration to ensure you're offering everything and anything they could possibly need while living at the facility. Now that these seniors are getting older and aren't as mobile as they once were, they may need some extra help with washing, drying, and folding their clothes. Rather than expecting them to travel to the laundromat to take care of these tasks on their own, you could bring the laundromat to them, making sure to build a laundry room inside of your facility.

Invest in Mega-Capacity Washing Machines and Dryers

The number of machines you'll need to purchase will depend on the number of people living at the assisted living facility. While you don't need to purchase one washing machine per person, you should have enough machines available to ensure that those living at the facility can wash their clothes when they'd like to without waiting any longer than a day to get their favorite shirts, pants, underwear, and other garments clean.

Make sure to choose mega capacity washing machines and dryers that can handle larger loads. These machines run faster and more efficiently, conserving energy while cleaning the clothes and drying them thoroughly in a shorter period of time, making it easier for one person to finish washing their clothes so that someone else can use the machine. Because these individuals likely pay a set amount for living expenses at the assisted living facility, you might not necessarily need to purchase coin-operated equipment because you may not plan on charging the seniors anything to wash their clothes.

Offer Convenient Laundry Carts

If some of the seniors living at the facility are planning to do their own laundry, you should make sure you have laundry carts available for them to use so that they're not struggling and straining their backs to carry their clothes to the laundry room inside of a hamper or a laundry bag. It's more convenient for them to be able to put the clothes into one of the carts and then push the cart through the hallway, on the elevator, and then go up or down to the floor where the laundry room is located.

Now that you've opened an assisted living facility to help the elderly who may need a bit of extra help with different tasks, make sure you're setting up a laundry room for them to use. You should purchase equipment that runs fast and efficiently while offering plenty of laundry carts for the seniors to use to transport their clothes back and forth from their private rooms to the laundry room.

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