4 Things You Need To Know About A Trucking Career

When it comes to choosing a career path, one that is often overlooked, but that pays well, is trucking. Truckers are responsible for transporting goods around the United States. Truckers may work long-haul routes where they transport loads over multiple states, or they may work shorter routine routes on a regular basis. If you are interested in finding a CDL A truck driver position, there are a few things you should know about this career path.

You Need to Become Certified

First, in order to be a truck driver, you need to have a CDL or commercial driver's license. In order to get a CDL, you will have to get a commercial learning permit or CLP, so you can learn how to drive a commercial vehicle under the supervision of a driver who already has a CDL.

In order to learn everything, you need to become a commercial driver you will need to take a class. CDL training is generally intense, with you taking in-person classes as well as getting driving time. There are two types of programs you can take, Class A programs and a Class B program, which will allow you to get a CDL Class A & Class B license. To get a Class A CDL license, you need to dedicate at least two months to full-time training, and double that time of you want to get a CDL Class B license.

You Need to Pass a Physical

Second, you need to pass a physical in order to obtain your CDL license. You will have to pass a vision test. You will also have to pass a physical as well. You must meet certain physical requirements before you are granted permission to drive a commercial vehicle. The government doesn't want you driving if you have health conditions that would make it unsafe for you to behind the wheel for an extended period of time.

You Need Great Communication Skills

You also need to have great communication skills as well. As a truck driver, you will need to communicate with your dispatcher and let them know your needs and what is happening when you are on the road.

You are going to need to communicate with customers when you deliver loads, and work with their employees to ensure that you park in the right spot. You'll also have to communicate about unloading time so you know when you can get back on the road. You may spend a lot of time by yourself, but communication is still an essential part of this job.

You Need to Be Able to Manage Time Effectively

You need to be able to manage your time effectively and follow the rules and regulations without having someone hang over you. You will need to keep logs of information, such as your miles, your work hours and break times, and maintenance logs. You need to be able to figure out when and where to fuel in order to get your load delivered on time.

You Need to Enjoy Time by Yourself

You also need to enjoy being by yourself. You will spend a lot of hours in your truck alone. It is helpful if you enjoy listening to music, audiobooks, and podcasts. These types of entertainment can really help fill your time.

When it comes to being a truck driver, you need to earn a CDL license in order to pursue this career path. You also need to have great communication skills, be able to manage time effectively, and you need to enjoy time by yourself. If those criteria describe you, then you should investigate becoming a professional truck driver.

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