4 Benefits Of A Building Automation System Service

Building automation control can allow you to convert your current facility into a smart building. Smart buildings are more efficient and comfortable, which is good for both landlords and tenants. A building automation system service can help you automate your building as quickly and easily as possible. Here are four specific benefits of taking advantage of this service.

1. Save money on electrical costs.

Large facilities typically generate high electric bills. Keeping the lights on and properly adjusting the temperature inside can get expensive. Employees who don't pay these bills directly may be careless about leaving the lights on when they leave for the night. A building automation system can help you reduce wastage. You can program your building automation system to turn off the lights every night at a predetermined time. You may also want to program the heater and air conditioner to turn off once everyone has left for the day. When the system is automated, you won't have to rely on people to remember to do these tasks each and every time.

2. Catch plumbing problems sooner.

A building automation system can also be set up to monitor overall water usage. This can help you catch plumbing problems as soon as they start. Small leaks often go unnoticed initially, especially if they occur in pipes that are hidden in the walls. If your building automation system indicates a sudden spike in water usage, you'll know you should have a plumber inspect your facilities as soon as possible. Treating plumbing issues in a timely manner can save you a lot of money in repairs.

3. Keep the air clean and fresh.

In addition to providing temperature control, building automation systems can also adjust the level of humidity in the air. This is particularly useful for buildings that are located in areas with poor air quality. By using a combination of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air filters, your building automation system can improve the overall air quality in your building.

4. Improve tenant satisfaction.

As a landlord or building owner, you're responsible for the overall maintenance and upkeep of your properties. If your tenants have problems with temperature, electricity, or water, they will come to you. If these problems occur too often, they're likely to find another space to rent. Every time a tenant leaves, there is the potential for lost revenue. You may have to clean the space to get it ready for a new occupant, and there may be a month or longer where the space goes unoccupied. Improved tenant satisfaction will help you retain your renters, which is good for business.

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