Why Your National Park Should Use Aerial Imagery Acquisition

As the owner or administrator of a National Park, you likely have a long list of responsibilities that you need to keep an eye on every day. Over time though, you also have to tackle big picture responsibilities like making sure current maps of the park's terrain remain accurate. If you'd like some additional help seeing this big picture, it might be time to hire a company that offers aerial imagery acquisition. Here's how taking to the skies to acquire aerial images could help your National Park with planning and maintenance now and in the future.

Ensure Public Maps and Terrain Is Accurate

National parks tend to have large areas of land that are open to the public and there might not be any park rangers around in certain areas at times, leaving the public to their own devices if they want to hike a trail or otherwise navigate through the area. National Parks are well documented of course, but it's your job as the park director or administrator to make sure that these maps remain accurate over time. If the park has a significant change in elevation or topography along a trail, you'll want to let the public know about this as soon as possible. Regular aerial images can provide you a full picture of how the land around you is changing and you won't have to actually travel the entire park by yourself in order to get the information you need.

Locate and Track Wildlife Movement

If your National Park is home to one or more species of wildlife, it likely falls on your shoulders or those of your employees to keep an eye on the animals that call your land home. These animals often follow a pattern that is easy to predict but it's possible to have wildlife surprise you from time to time. Regular aerial images can allow you to see exactly where various wildlife are choosing to roam within your park's borders and you can get this information without having to get close to potentially dangerous animals yourself. Aerial images may provide you with an early warning that an animal or a whole herd is getting dangerously close to a public area, allowing you to re-route the animals (or the humans) before disaster occurs.

Ensure Your Borders Are Respected

If parts of your park border a busy highway or other signs of human life, it's obviously important to you to make sure that your park's boundaries are being respected. Aerial imagery can help detect signs of trespassing or other issues that could arise from humans getting too close to the park's boundary lines.

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