Tips When Using Aircraft Engine Stands

An easy way to transport aircraft engines is to use a specialized stand. They can support a lot of weight and have a rugged design. With that said, you still need to be careful about how you use them. These tips will come in handy when using an aircraft engine stand throughout the workday.

Secure Properly

Before you set up an aircraft engine on the stand and start moving it around to different locations around your site, you want to verify that it has been properly secured. It will then stay in place wherever you move the stand to.

Most stands will have special brackets that you can attach to the aircraft engine itself for added stability. You want to make sure these have been engaged and also give the stand a little test before moving it great distances. If the stand and engine seem stable, you can go about your operations as planned.

Inspect Casters Before Loading

An important component of any aircraft engine stand is the casters at the bottom. They are what enable you to effortlessly move these large stands around in every direction. Before you go to load the aircraft engine on top, double-check the casters to see what condition they're in.

You don't want to see any structural issues or signs of excessive wear. If you did and continued to use the stand with an aircraft engine on top, you would have a very difficult time and even leave yourself susceptible to injury. 

Don't Go Over Weight Limit

Aircraft engine stands are well designed and can thus support large and weighty engines. It's still important that you observe the stand's weight limit because if you went past this limit, you could damage the stand and even the engine on top of it.

Before moving the engine with the stand or even loading it on top, check the weight limit of the stand. Compare it with the weight of the aircraft engine you plan on transporting. If the engine doesn't exceed the weight limit, then you know you're not putting too much stress on the stand and leaving yourself exposed to issues.

Engine stands can help a lot in the aircraft industry when engines need to be removed, worked on, and transported to different locations. If you know what protocol to follow when using these specialty stands, you won't regret using them. For more information about engine stands, such as CFM56 aircraft engine stands, contact a stand provider. 

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