Tips For Enabling Internet In Condos With Shared Service Infrastructure

Managing a multi-tenant building places a lot of demands on your time. You have new tenant needs, existing tenants, prospective tenants, staff, and sub-contracted companies and workers all coming in and out on a scheduled (and unscheduled) basis. Couple that with the increased demands to have more technologically-enabled properties and there is a lot to do! Managing the technology is often one of the harder parts due to the ever-increasing demands for connectivity and service. Here are some tips that should make that aspect of condo management a bit easier.

Design for Connectivity

If you are managing a building that is still being designed, then it is best to think about the purpose of that condominium or apartment complex from the perspective of your target customer. Is it a high-end luxury building? A mid-range condominium? A more entry-level apartment complex? Answering this question will tell you what your tenants would expect to be included in the service for their building.

Once you know what the expectations are, you should also consider the property owner's needs. If you are performing condo management, then you have likely been brought in for your expertise in managing the functions of the building, from facilities and maintenance to tenant satisfaction. Part of that is also making sure the property owner is getting the return that they expect and can monitor and manage their property correctly. This can change what you design for, as well.

Finally, once you understand the tenants' and owner's needs, you can incorporate those needs into the building design, making sure that the infrastructure can support the technology needs.

Provide Frictionless Management

Smooth transactions from start to finish make both a tenant and a property owner happy. The tenant feels the value for their money and the owner receives the value from the investment. This means you need to look for ways for your condo management services to quickly enable new tenants to onboard their online lives!

If you are using a shared network infrastructure, then that means being able to provide a unique tenant experience; this includes smooth onboarding for the new tenant to have their own network, password resets, room access, business office access, and a variety of other amenities that are just expected for most condominiums. Look for a system that brings together the wireless connectivity and onboarding in a portal that is easy for your management and supporting staff to use.

Finally, make sure that the provider of your network connectivity has a support group that is reachable 24/7 and has personnel who can be dispatched to work on-site as needed.  

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