7 Tips For Handling The Moving Process

You have found a great team of movers to help you relocate. However, there's more to the process than paying for mover services. Folks planning moves need to handle a few things so the professionals can do their jobs well, too. If you're preparing for a move, follow these 7 tips to make the process as painless as possible.

Never Prioritize Speed

The main priority during a move should be to get everything right. Rushing is bound to create problems. While you want to get the move over as fast as possible, you need to consciously decide not to prioritize speed. Otherwise, you may push through when you shouldn't.

For example, people plow through terrible weather to avoid rescheduling. Have backup days in mind so you can adapt if the circumstances work against you.

Label and Record Everything

If it goes in a box, it goes on your list of things you packed. Anything freestanding that goes in the truck goes on the list when you place it there. Build a full checklist so you'll have a record of what went into the vehicle before you began the move.

Likewise, each box should have a label. Use it to declare which room the contents came from in the old house and where it's going in the new one.

Stack Items in Boxes by Weight

Heavy stuff goes on the bottom, just the way a good packer at the supermarket would do it. Place the lightest items on top. Avoid placing any boxes on top of others with fragile materials.


Keep fragile items separate from the heavy and harder ones to minimize shattering risks. Also, use packing materials to surround fragile items. You may want to put rubber or foam bumpers on the sharper corners of some of the tougher items, too.

Overuse the Tape and Padding

You will never regret using too much tape or padding to secure boxes and items. When in doubt, tape and pad something one more time.

Right Size

Avoid using boxes that are too big and will have extra room in them. Likewise, try not to leave too much spare room in the moving truck. Measure your stuff and ask the movers which size of truck is right for your needs if you're unsure.

Take Essentials Separately

The unpacking process can take a while. Make sure you'll have easy access to basic supplies for your first days at your new place. This means packing essentials like toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, a few changes of clothes, and a first-aid kit.  

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