Intermodal Trucking Jobs And Responsibilities

Intermodal truckers are just one transport person who is responsible for intermodal shipments. These types of shipments are delivered with the support of multiple forms of transportation. Planes, ships, and trucks are used during intermodal transport efforts.

A Trucker's Role

An owner and operator of a big rig or an employee of an intermodal trucking operation will be responsible for hauling freight between two points. An intermodal shipping method is one in which freight is placed inside of a specialized container. All of the freight that is contained within a container will not be handled during the transport process.

A truck driver may be responsible for picking up freight from a ship or a plane and then transporting it to an alternate freight carrier. Some intermodal truck drivers may be hired to handle the final leg of a transport effort. In this type of situation, a truck driver would be responsible for picking up a container and transporting it to its final destination.

Potential Perks

  • home daily
  • short driving stints
  • less responsibility
  • no handling of freight
  • diverse travel routes

​Getting Started

An intermodal truck driver will need to follow the intermodal transport rules that have been outlined to them. A trucker will need to be equipped with a vehicle that can safely transport the load weight that needs to be hauled. A trucking outfitter who hires intermodal drivers will equip a driver with a vehicle that can be used to transport shipping containers. Due to the limited amount of responsibilities that an intermodal trucker will have, they may be able to appreciate less time on the road and enjoy more time at home.

An intermodal driving route may change frequently, which will necessitate that a truck driver researches the route that they will be responsible for handling. At each location where freight is going to switch hands, a truck driver and the recipient of the freight may be required to sign paperwork. Many trucking companies use GPS technology. A GPS tracking device can be used to track a shipment and ensure that it arrives at its destination on time.

A trucker who would like to be hired for an intermodal position will need to be flexible and compliant with road regulations. Some intermodal trucking jobs require that perishable goods are transported. A shipping container that is temperature-regulated may be required for this type of transport process. Regulating the temperature will ensure that goods do not become damaged while in transit.

If you want to learn more about intermodal trucking jobs, reach out to intermodal transit companies.

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Intermodal truckers are just one transport person who is responsible for intermodal shipments. These types of shipments are delivered with the support